I was a teacher, a teacher, a teacher:  with students ranging in age from 10-18 for many years in different school settings.  I loved helping the students, but needed a change:  I wanted my own business and interested in law.  I love helping people!

I know that when people come to me, they are really disappointed in how their legal matter has been progressing.  Maybe they have tried to sue the debtor themselves or maybe they have been trying to garnish wages or a bank account.  This is what I hear:  "I have tried for so long to find these people, or to get the money I deserve or to explain to them why I can't pay the full amount owing."  I hear it all the time.  And it's no wonder.  The legal system, namely small claims court may be the "people's court", but it is still difficult and requires lots of attention to small details on their forms and procedures.  Don't worry:  "I know you are sad, or confused, or scared, or just lack the time to deal with these legal matters."  

I also teach Paralegal courses in Humber and Seneca College

I even know that traffic tickets are time consuming.
Timeline for defending your traffic ticket: (average wait times)
Go to court and get a ticket                       30 minutes
Wait to be heard to make a court date       60 minutes
Discuss the matter with the clerk              15 minutes
Court appearance with prosecutor           30 minutes
Court appearance with a judge                 30 minutes

Total                                                           2 hours, 45 minutes

Yikes!  And it could be longer.  And don't forget:  There is no air conditioning in Old City Hall downtown--the copper roof conducts heat, warms up the old building, and causes lots of discomfort.

I also love hiking, running, and cooking.  When you come into my office, don't forget to ask me for my secret ingredient to my apple crumble!  And if you have any recipes to share with me....I would love to post them on my website.

Ph.D. University Professor in History