Areas of practice


  1. What is a Paralegal?


    Para is Greek which, means under, hence a paralegal is an individual who works under a lawyer, but has the legal knowledge and skills similar to a lawyer. Paralegals are licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada hence they are eligible to provide legal assistance in provincial offences(such as traffic  tickets), labor laws,small court claims that are under $25,000, immigration, landlord and tenant disputes, and minor criminal offences.


  2. Why Choose a Paralegal?


    • Inexpensive legal advice and services
    • Time saving
    • Quicker results


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Areas of practice

  1. What do I practice?

    I practice and provide the following services:

    • Small claims court
    •  Landlord Tenant matters (I can represent either the tenant or the Landlord)
    • Traffic Tickets and Parking Tickets
    •  Employment Matters
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Need more information?

  1. Small claims court forms:

  2. Landlord Tenant Board

  3. Law Society of Upper Canada

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