Cooking is wonderful.  It's not too expensive, it lets me control my food, my life and my kitchen. 
chicken soup:  phone me for my secret roasting ingredient (not kidding)
cookie dough:  phone me for my secret preparation that keeps cookies intact when baking.
Avocado salad:  phone me for the easiest and quickest dip in Toronto!
Biscotti:  get in touch me about making these dipping cookies
Mashed potatoes:  quick, write me for tips about not too starchy potatoes.
The list goes on...
I use my cooking skills in the courtroom:  sometimes I add surprising details that support my client--just like in my chicken soup; other times, I just follow the recipe just like in drafting a claim.  I also have been known to find success in small claims court mediation where, like my cookie dough, keep everyone and everything intact.
Heard enough?